I'm Elbert, a Dutch expatriate programmer in Australia. I use and create open-source software.

Currently employed as Technical Director at Tundra Interactive, a digital agency in Melbourne.

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I was born on May 23, 1983 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


At the age of 12, in my first year of high-school I started programming in QBasic on a i486 computer running Microsoft DOS. I built several puzzle and platform games including a Tetris clone. I remember attempting to recreate Nokia's snake on a TI-86 graphing calculator in TI-BASIC.


I built my first personal website using Microsoft Frontpage.


At age 17, I started my first web development business as an experiment. It lasted little over a year and served a handful of clients.


Running a phpBB bulletin board got me excited about PHP and open-source software. I read the book "PHP for the World Wide Web" by Larry Ullman and had my first PHP website online a week later.



After spending three months in Southeast Asia I registered my second business, Crunchlabz. I worked from home full-time and relied on the sales of my self-made CMS for my income and did occasional print and web design on the side. Maintaining my own software taught me about security and usability of web applications and programming in general.


I permanently switched from Windows to Linux on my desktop computer.


I moved to Melbourne, Australia to live with my girlfriend — now wife.



I created Wappalyzer, an open-source web browser extension that uncovers technologies used on websites. Aggregated data on detected software is graphed and accessible on the website. It's still going strong with over half a million active daily users and generates an income on the side.

Choc Chip

I was offered a position as lead developer at Choc Chip, a small web design company based in Grovedale. I worked on many projects of various sizes, including for local government and tourism bodies, mostly using Drupal.

I made, a reverse Twitter search engine that returns keywords related to any topic. It received attention from popular social media websites.


I began working on Swiftlet, an open-source PHP micro-framework. Its third iteration is now stable.


I familiarised myself with Git and started using Vim, which continues to be my editor of choice to this day.


I created the IE6ify bookmarklet as a humorous stab at Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. It went viral on Twitter several times and was covered on Lifehacker, The Next Web and other media outlets.

Reverse GIF

Another one of my own projects,, was an image host that plays animated GIFs back in reverse. It peaked at three million pageviews per month.



I currently work for Tundra Interactive, a digital agency in Melbourne. I joined as PHP Developer and have since been promoted to Technical Director.


Shortly after Google announced the shut-down of Google Reader I launched, a minimal news reader that aims to deliver the best reading experience.